The Leg Lifter Review

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Many nursing professionals searching for disability services and product information through an endless amount of websites can find it to be a very time-consuming and frustrating exercise.  We hope you find our reviews helpful, this site was created to assist the increasing numbers of people searching online to find a solution for the problem of not being able to get their legs into bed by themselves.  The information given can also be used as a useful resource for carers and people involved in Manual Handling such as Occupational Therapists, or in fact anyone searching for an unbiased report on mobility products.  Many students have also been known to use this information to gain qualification as an OT.  

We do not endorse any product, service or business and our reports are written following a product test and listening to feedback from trusted associates and end-users.   The information is provided solely to assist you in making a more informed decision and not for making a profit.   Our ultimate intention is to provide you with an essential source of information through giving impartial advice.

Our goal is to make the user’s life physically easier by focussing on efficiency, ergonomics and above all - safety.  You can use our extensive knowledge gained over many years of experience in the healthcare trade to solve the problem of not being able to get your legs into bed independently and we hope that one of these products may reduce the need for assistance altogether.

Information in this report is believed to be reliable but we do not guarantee it’s accuracy as evaluation has been carried out over many years and things can change during time.  The reviews are also subject to change at any time because of this reason.